40+ Experience Gifts Under $50!

40+ Experience Gifts Under $50!

I’m all about swapping physical gifts for experiences. In my article “Ultimate Experience Gift Ideas Guide” I explain that I see money as an extension of time. We earn money through time worked, which we never get back. I don’t want my finite time going towards something that is used for a week, breaks shortly after, or isn’t as cool as the receiver believed. I want it going towards life-long memories that can never break, that won’t be out of style in a few months. But I also know that experiences can be costly. Hence why I put together this experience gifts under $50 post. This guide is here to remind you that you can stick to gifting experiences and not break the bank.

Below is a list of experience gifts under $50. Please note that prices vary by region.

Top Experience Gifts Under $50 A-D

1. Adult arcade – Dave and Busters

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2. Aquarium
3. Arcade – GameWorks

4. Babysitting
5. Backpacking trip – assuming you have all the equipment
6. Camping at the beach – assuming you have all the equipment
7. Chocolate workshop – Sur la table features cooking classes of all types

8. City tour – sometimes they have specials where you can buy one and get one free, or Groupon offers a special with a discounted price.
9. Class/skill/lessons
10. Comedy show
11. Dinner gift card- Cheesecake FactoryFlemings

12. Disney on Ice – think Sunday or Friday night/afternoon. Or buy tickets further back in the arena

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Top Experience Gifts Under $50 E-L

13. Entry into a race/obstacle course
14. Escape room
15. Facial – North Park Massage in San Diego

16. Fermentation workshop
17. Floating session
18. Golfingpublic courses are typically less expensive

19. Harbor Tour
20. Jumping gym
21. Kayaking
22. Laser tag
23. Live sporting event – StubHub

24. Local eating tour

Top Experience Gifts Under $50 M-R

25. Manicure/Pedicure
26. Massage – North Park Massage in San Diego

27. Miniature golf
28. Movie passes – AMC, Fandango

29. Murder mystery dinner
30. Paint and sip
31. Picnic
32. Rent a campground
33. Rent bikes and ride along the ocean/lake
34. Rock wall climbing

Top Experience Gifts Under $50 S-Z

35. Segway tour
36. Tandem bike rental
37. Teaching a skill that they have always wanted to learn
38. Tickets to a convention – sometimes cheaper if you buy an entry pass for Sunday.
39. Tickets to a lecture series
40. Tickets to see a theater performance


41. Whale and/or dolphin watching
42. Wine tasting
43. Ziplining – Las Vegas has great deals!

The CounselingMama Approach

I hope you have found this post on top experience gifts under $50 helpful! This holiday season I hope that you consider giving one of these top gifts under $50 to your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, couple friends, and all your loved ones!


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  1. Love the idea of giving experiences rather than material things! So often we get things that we won’t ever use and we just smile and thank them. Whereas with an experience, you really can’t go wrong!

    1. Hi Portia!

      Yes! You’re so right! Research also shows that experiences help develop their frontal lobe, so they actually benefit from the experience the rest of their lives! One study showed that children who just returned from a vacation performed higher than their peers on tests. Crazy cool, huh?!

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