Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Lifefactory Glass Bottle With Silicone Sleeve (and a really cool bonus!!)

As a minimalist, a person who makes a very conscious decision to purchase an item to fulfill a specific need, and in my case multiple needs, I take a lot of time researching my purchase decisions. Product reviews are a must read for me! My husband and I do not have a lot of money and so we don’t want to purchase items that we are not going to use frequently.

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So today I’m delving into my first official product review because I LOVE researching an item before I buy it! And as a minimalist, when I purchase something, that means I’m giving a little piece of my life to it (i.e. paid work = hours of your time, which means dollars = time) so I’m very considerate of my time i.e. money.

One of my favorite multi-purpose items that we have is the Lifefactory glass bottle with silicone sleeve.


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