Parenting Hack: Use Those Seat Belt Guides

Parenting Hack: Use Those Seat Belt Guides

Parenting Hack: Use Those Seat Belt Guides! Getting your baby into the car seat can be a somewhat challenging ordeal. Sometimes your little one is crying or is asleep making it even more challenging. You have to tug those seat belts from behind them and make them more upset or it’s a really hot day and those hot metal seat belts are in direct sunlight, OUCH!

Use this super simple hack to get your baby in the car seat without tugging those seatbelts from under them!

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Parenting Hack: Use Those Seat Belt Guides


Tuck those seat belts into the seat belt guide! The seat belt guide is what you use when you’re securing them to the car without a base.

Parenting Hack: Use Those Seatbelt Guides


Parenting Hack: Use Those Seatbelt Guides
Seat belts tucked into the seat belt guides


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