Natural Remedy for Postpartum Depression

Natural Remedy for Postpartum Depression

While I’m writing about my natural remedy for postpartum depression, please note I am not a medical professional and that what I share below worked for me and isn’t designed for everyone. Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are serious conditions. I cannot diagnose or provide treatment options. Please consult a medical provider for support.

I knew I was going to get postpartum depression (ppd) when I was pregnant, in fact, I struggled with periods of depression while I was pregnant.

I was familiar with the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression. My husband and I talked about looking for signs of postpartum depression. I elected to speak with a social worker before I was discharged from my hospital stay after delivering my baby.

Postpartum depression didn’t strike me for the first three months after having my baby. And then it hit me. First, it was intense anxiety, with feelings of being on the verge of panic attacks for two weeks straight. Then deep depression for two weeks. Literally not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to get dressed, just surviving.

Thankfully it lifted a bit to allow me to somewhat navigate the world without feeling like I couldn’t get out of bed.

But even during times when my baby cried, I felt like my world was crumbling in.

When I didn’t incorporate daily exercise, my postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety would increase significantly. But even consistent exercise wouldn’t shake it.

I take a daily anxiety medicine to reduce my anxiety in my day-to-day life. So I talked to my doctor and she recommended I increase my dose to hopefully help reduce my postpartum anxiety and ppd.

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I was hesitant and tried to overcome it by myself, but I kept falling into deeper and deeper depression. Then I increased my medicine. Within nine days my thoughts turned destructive.

I had thoughts I’ve only read about, never believing they would be mine. Those thoughts only happen to others. But they happened to me.

“I’m done suffering, I just don’t want to go on and exist anymore”. “The world would be smoother without me messing it up”. That scared the sh*t out of me. I knew I needed to do something to fight postpartum depression.

With the recommendation of my doctor, I decreased my medicine back to my normal daily dose. The dark scary thoughts finally lifted!

Treating Postpartum Depression Naturally

As a counselor, I closely examined things in my life look for ways of treating postpartum depression naturally.

I reached out to friends, received support from a therapist and attended many different support groups both for ppd and postpartum anxiety and other topics.

I grounded, stayed outdoors each day, meditated and examined my health holistically and worked to increase any areas that weren’t as strong. But nothing would shake my ppd.


I was near my breaking point and then…

Postpartum Depression was Relieved Naturally with a Full Night of Sleep!

My baby boy slept through the night! The postpartum depression literally lifted and hasn’t returned since!

I realized it was the lack of sleep that contributed to the depression and severe anxiety.

As a breastfeeding, cosleeping mama I fed my son throughout the night. He was teething badly during my darkest periods of postpartum depression. Waking every hour or two for comfort feeds. My husband and I tried “sleep training”, although I was extremely hesitant to start this. We started it in the middle of teething. That was a BAD idea. By 3 am I gave up.

But when I realized that my son sleeps better without me  (he sleeps fine with Daddy), I realized I needed to sleep in the other room.

So I moved out and the quality of my sleep improved significantly. My husband now soothes our baby to sleep and throughout the night each night. If my baby awakens, it’s a quick moment awake and then back to sleep with the soothing of his father.

The CounselingMama Approach

So Mama if you are struggling with postpartum depression and you’ve tried everything else, examine the amount and quality of sleep to see if that is contributing to it. Also, take a look at this Mama’s “3 Natural Ways to Help Postpartum Depression“.

I hope that you found this post on “Natural Remedy for Postpartum Depression” informative. If you want to incorporate any of the techniques mentioned above, fantastic, if not, my philosophy is you are the expert of you! I hope you find healing  and relief from ppd.


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Author: J Kontos

Hi! I’m J; a full-time Mama by choice and a part-time academic, personal, and career counselor by profession (and by choice as well). I received my Master’s in Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Human Services. My infant, Kaiden, has gifted me with being his Mama. I love all things wiener dogs, coffee, and hearts. I’m waiving hi to you from sunny San Diego!
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  1. Hi, J!

    Thank you for sharing! I wish I had read this a couple of years ago (sigh!) It’s just so simple, and right on target!

    Sleep helped me with my milk supply, too. And now that I think about it, after I started getting more and more sleep, the depression went away naturally!

    And my PPD was a big deal, my son was born a preemie, and he had to be a month and a half in an incubator!

    Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Hi Tere!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! Isn’t it incredible what happens when we just get more sleep, of course easier said than done?

      That’s awesome to hear that getting more sleep helped increase your milk supply!

      Wow! 1.5 months in NICU! I bet it was the best feeling in the world to bring him
      home 💕!

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