The Latest Craft Craze of 2018!!!

The Latest Craft Craze of 2018!!!

The Latest Craft Craze of 2018 – Dazz Dimensional Diamond Art!

I fell in love with Dazz Dimensional Diamond Art and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! This is the hottest craft out there! Being a first time Mama, if I’m not intentional about self-care, it just doesn’t happen. I am in need of a self-care activity that helps fulfill that creative side of me. This is it!

It’s super easy and so much fun! Dab a gem with your stylus and fill in the corresponding bubble. It’s easy to follow along. Beautiful designs! Affordable! And it turns into a beautiful piece of art that you can gift or hang on your wall when done. I Love love love it and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it too! :).


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Pros of the Latest Craft Craze of 2018:

Beautiful designs. I love my “blessed” sign. Plus you place beautiful sparkly gemstones on your gem art sheet and your final product is sparkly!

It’s super gratifying filling in those bubbles! If you love color by number, you will love this!

Cons of the Latest Craft Craze of 2018:

Lots of small pieces. I keep it away from my baby and cat. I bag up the gemstones I open once done.

Starting at it after some time makes my eyes feel weird. Since it’s small, I have to focus a little harder. So I like to take breaks :). Plus I’m usually doing this while my baby is asleep so I usually don’t do this for hours on end, but you definitely can if you want;).


Overall, it’s a really fun, beautiful craft that allows you to produce a beautiful final product you will be proud of! Jump on the bandwagon and pick up one of the latest craft craze of 2018!

Seriously pick one up, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it as much as me :).


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