Ultimate Experience Gift Ideas Holiday Guide – 90+ Epic Experiences to Gift Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mom, Dad, Children, and Couples this 2018 Holiday Season!

Ultimate Experience Gift Ideas Holiday Guide – 90+ Epic Experiences to Gift Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mom, Dad, Children, and Couples this 2018 Holiday Season!

I am all about experiences, hence my desire to share 90+ experience gift ideas. Experiences become a part of you, a memory you have forever.

Gifts are paid with cash, cash is an extension of work, work is our time, time is something we can’t get back.

I’ve heard it so many times from my nieces: “What kind of gift is that?” or “Awww why did you get me that, that’s not what I wanted!”

Then there is the piece of a physical gift breaking and big tears ensue. That day becomes “this is the worst day ever.”

Or it’s elation for what feels like meer moments and then two days from now I could care less about this toy.

Or what about her sissy taking it to play with and forgetting to ask for permission. Big melt down ensues.

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Or he leaves it on the shelf after playing with it for a bit only to be thrown away/donated some time after.

Or the dog gets a hold of it or their baby cousin drools on it. “Yuck! I’m never touching it again!”

I’ve stopped giving physical gifts. Instead I buy experiences. Yes, it’s generally more expensive but I have the most incredible memories from these experiences. They have allowed me to grow closer to that person when that experience is done together.

So this holiday season I challenge you to take the plunge and buy an experience instead of a physical gift.

Unsure of what to get? Here’s a list of 90+ experience gift ideas for girlfriend, boyfriend, mom and mother-in-law, dad and father-in-law, children, and couples this holiday season.

While this list is separated into categories, it is not exclusive to these named individuals. Take a look at all the experiences, because you never know what you might find!

90 Experience Gift Ideas

Experience Gift Ideas

Top 18 Experience Gift Ideas to Gift Girlfriend and Gift Wife:

Experience Gift IdeasDinner in the dark
City tour
Dance lessons
Day tour
Fancy upscale restaurant
Pay entry into a race/obstacle course
Floating session
Hotel stay in town
Local eating tour
Party bus rental
Railroad dining experience
Rent bikes and ride along the ocean/lake
Segway tour
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Tandem bike ride
Yoga monthly pass

Top 17 Experience Gift Ideas to Gift Boyfriend and Gift Husband:

Experience Gift IdeasBungee jumping
Bowling league
Adult arcade – Dave and Busters

Craft beer tour
Drive exotic racing cars on a racing track
Escape room
Indoor/outdoor sky diving
Jet ski rentals
Miniature golf
Pub crawl
River rafting
Rock wall climbing
Scuba certification
Tickets to a convention (I.e. Comic-Con)
Travel to a ghost town
Zip lining

Top 13 Experience Gift Ideas to Gift Mom and Gift Mother-in-Law:

Experience Gift Ideas

Chocolate workshop

Cooking lessons Sur la table features cooking classes of all types

Massage North Park Massage in San Diego

Opera tickets
Paint & sip
Hire a personal chef to cook them a meal
Hire a professional to clean their home
Spa day
Tickets to see a theatre performance
Whale and/or dolphin watching
Wine tasting

Top 18 Experience Gift Ideas to Gift Dad and Gift Father-in-Law:

Experience Gift IdeasRent a campground
Backpacking trip
Deep sea fishing trip
Fermentation workshop
Live sporting event
Flying lessons
Glider gift voucher

Golfingpublic courses are typically less expensive

Rent a boathouse
Rent an RV and travel somewhere
Tickets to a lecture series
Nascar ride along
Dune Buggy Chase
Golf lessons with a PGA pro
Private Ninja lesson
Rent a Tesla or sports car for the day

Top 13 Experience Gift Ideas to Gift Children:

experience gift ideasArcade GameWorks

Amusement park passes
Disney on Ice
Ice skating lessons
Museum pass (day or year)
Jumping gym
Laser tag
Surfing lessons
Teach a skill that they have always wanted to learn
Tickets to see their favorite performer
Water park
Zoo passes

Top 15 Experience Gift Ideas to Gift Couples:

experience gift ideasAnnual park pass
Camping at the beach
Comedy show
Dinner gift card

Hotel voucher

Gondola ride
Harbor tour and dinner
Helicopter tour
Hot air balloon

Vacation – airbnb

Movie passes – AMC, Fandango

Murder mystery dinner
Stay overnight in a cabin
Train trip

Flights – SouthWest

If you still can’t find the perfect experience gift to give this holiday season, you might want to check out this Holiday Gift Guide to Give Toddlers, or maybe this one for Mom. What about stocking stuffers? This is a great one for babies and toddlers! Wondering what to gift the person who has everything? Or maybe you just need to read something relatable.

The CounselingMama Approach

I hope you have found this ultimate experience gift ideas guide helpful! This holiday season I hope that you consider gifting one of these 90 experiences for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, couple friends, and all your loved ones!


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