Chore for a Baby: My 6-Month-Old Is In Charge of This

Chore for a Baby: My 6-Month-Old Is In Charge of This

What the heck, who assigned a chore for a baby?! We do!

Giving our baby a “chore” didn’t happen intentionally. I use the term “chore” to describe what my baby already loves to do: grab things and lift them up. He giggles with excitement and likes dropping things to pick them up :). It’s a game to him, he plays it over and over.

My husband and I are very much into the baby-led everything movement. We look to our son for what he enjoys and continue to provide him with more experiences like these. When he doesn’t like something, we don’t force him, unless it is necessary, and then we look for alternatives. Like the alternative we created because he absolutely hated tummy time.

When it isn’t safe for our baby to pick up something he dropped or he isn’t in the mood to do his “chore”, we never force him. We align our parenting practices with what he wants and carefully re-examine how he is feeling to ensure he is comfortable and in agreement with whatever he is engaged with.

Seriously, I ask for his permission every time I do anything that involves him. I ask if I can change his diaper. Before I pick him up, I ask if it is okay to do so. I ask if he wants water, food, etc.. This is his body and I want him to know that he is in charge of it and that no one should touch it without his consent.

He knows what he likes and dislikes and will immediately tell me if he doesn’t want to do something with the shake of a head to mean no, and a “yeah” or a big smile for yes. Most of the time he is lunging at the item he dropped because he is so excited to retrieve it!

So How Did This “Chore” Come About?

My baby just dropped something on the ground. And instead of picking it up for him, my husband leaned our son over and had him pick it up. I was flabbergasted when I first saw it, but thought more about it and really liked the idea of our baby being in charge of something he naturally loves to do – grab things!

Here’s a Video of Baby K Picking Up His Hat!

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What I Believe Assigning This “Chore” for a Baby Helps With:

– They are in charge of picking up after themselves. They dropped the object, they are in charge of picking it up.

– Grasping things, i.e. developing their fine motor skills (depending on the size of the object)

– Hand-eye coordination

– Depth perception

– Responsibility

– Natural consequences, if it drops you have to pick it up

– It helps babies understand what gravity is about

The CounselingMama Approach

I hope you have found this post on a chore for a baby insightful and intriguing. Chores are an important part of children’s development. So why not get them started early on an age-appropriate task that they LOVE?


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  1. Love the idea of having baby help with things! Responsibility from a young age can only help independence and development!

    1. Hi Portia! Thanks for your continued support of CounselingMama! So true! I try to remind myself that I’m teaching Baby K how to navigate this world. Sometimes it’s tough, like most recently when I’ve moved to having him feed himself. Yogurt was flying everywhere as he was learning how to feed himself with the spoon hehe.

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