Aluminum Foil Dangers & Aluminum Foil Alternative

Aluminum Foil Dangers & Aluminum Foil Alternative

A few years back, I took a nutrition class with an individual who has a Ph.D in nutrition and I’m going to pass along one of the many incredible things he shared: Don’t cook with foil instead use an aluminum foil alternative.

Aluminum Foil Dangers:

Aluminum Foil Leeches into Food

Foil’s properties can leach into the food when heated. This means that you and your family are ingesting small amounts of aluminum with each meal; when paired with spicy or acidic foods, the effect is amplified. These small ingestions, from multiple items in our home, on a daily basis add up over time and can negatively impact your overall health.

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We Ingest/Consume/Absorb a lot of Aluminum

Aluminum foil isn’t the only culprit passing along small amounts of aluminum, as you can see in this article, it’s found in all types of day-to-day household items (making it even more imperative to reduce the items that allow us to absorb it). So it might be time to consider examining how much aluminum we’re exposed to in our daily lives as aluminum is linked to a variety of health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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Aluminum Foil Alternative

Here are a few great alternatives to help reduce aluminum consumption:
Parchment paper to line the bottom of your roasting pans
Food safe silicone baking mats, again, a great alternative to line your roasting pans with
Glass roasting pans
Porcelain pots/dutch oven

The CounselingMama Approach

I hope you found this article informative. The CounselingMama approach reminds you that you are the expert of your family! If you read this and don’t swap anything, just know you are still doing great and you are making the best decisions for your family! And maybe one day this will cross your mind when you go to purchase a household item and you choose an alternative to a product that contains aluminum. Either way, just know that I’m cheering you on in whatever way you want to live you life.


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Up Next…

Next week I’m going back to alternative approaches to parenting and I’m going to talk about an alternative approach to potty training. You won’t want to miss this if you have a little one who hasn’t started on the potty training journey.

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  1. Great piece! Nice work on exposing the dangers of something that we literally use every day in kitchen! Would love to know what other dangerous items lurk in our kitchen. Can you regularly do a follow up on this topic? How about household cleaners?

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I love the idea to share more about the dangers of items in our kitchen! Here are a few that you will see shortly (thank you for signing up for my newsletter, so that you get the articles right when they come out).

      The sponges that we use to wash our dishes contain petroleum! The gas stoves and ovens we use take years off our lives. And those plastic spatulas, get rid of them – use silicone or stainless steel instead. There are so many others! Stay tuned :)!

  2. Good to the word out, as an alternative in our house we use the instant pot also a really healthy and natural way to cook with. 😊

    1. Hi Veronica! Thanks for reading!

      Oh! I love it! I love the pressure cook feature on the Instapot! Steaming/boiling, like the pressure cooker does, does less damage to our animal-based protein than say grilling 😊. Great idea 😊! I’d love to hear about other hacks that you use to keep your family healthy.

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